Natural Sleep Aids & Advice the NYRO way

There is probably nothing more crucial to a youthful, healthy appearance and a balanced, vigorous body and mind than deep, restful sleep. There is no doubt that most of us need less sleep as we grow older; however, the truth is that most of us don’t get enough and because of stresses in our life, it’s often not as restful as it should be.

Sleep has many functions, including overcoming the effects of stress, giving our bodies time to restore and rejuvenate, and helping the brain commit new information to memory through a process called memory consolidation. Poor sleep or sleep loss may result in irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate and moodiness. It can also leave you too tired to do the things you enjoy. Even occasional sleeping problems can make daily life feel more stressful or reduce productivity.

Chronic sleep deprivation may cause weight gain by affecting the way our bodies process and store carbohydrates and by altering the level of hormones that affect our appetite. Most cells of the body show increased production and reduced breakdown of proteins during deep sleep.

Sleeplessness may be a short-term or long-term problem.

The amount of sleep needed will vary from person to person, and for the same person at different stages of their life. Short-term sleeplessness may be brought about by anxiety, fear, stress or excitement.

So does anyone suffer with the odd sleepless night sometimes? Well most people do! However, the problem is that sleeplessness can become rather a habit, and anxiety will develop around not being able to sleep which may become self-perpetuating.

As with almost all of the “work” we do at Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic we like to think about the preventative ways of helping people, rather than trying to treat something once it has become a problem…..our holistic approach to people helping people…..

So a few ways to help prevent a habit of sleeplessness…..or of course remedies useful to break any habit that has formed…..

Firstly, a useful exercise if the mind is full of thoughts and unresolved problems is to mentally work backwards through the day going over everything you have done without becoming attached to anyone issue. Stimulating foods and drinks, and eating late at night can all be aggravating factors, and should be avoided.

night time teaIn terms of using herbs….A basic herbal tea mixture, such as the one brought together in our night time tea containing chamomile (relaxing & a natural digestif), lime flower (soothing), passionflower (uplifting and soothing), hawthorn flower (relaxing) & valerian (aids a restful nights sleep) makes for a pleasant tasting relaxing bedtime drink. Has anyone tried this?

The drink actually is very pleasant even if the smell when you first take the bag out of the packet isn’t! And of course compared with other “teas” available in the supermarket……our night time tea is Non GM, 100% organic, plastic-free, chlorine-free bags which are compostable, not utilising staples or glues & is caffeine-free naturally.

I tend to travel with this tea…..taking a few sachets away if I am staying away as hotel beds often are not as comfortable as your own & this tea will help wherever you are in the world.

beauty sleep supplementStaying with inner health, in terms of supplements, the Beauty Sleep Supplement supports skin’s natural night time regeneration, with smoothing, ultra-moisturising hyaluronic acid, lemon balm and B vitamins for a restful night’s sleep. It is also helpful to increase your consumption of bananas and sunflower seeds and tuna in your diet too.

I was a candle girl before I invested in my aroma diffuser. I would literally go through at least one a week. There are few problems with this – 1. the cost – I would spend £25+ on a candle, 2. the environment – the smoke would often billow out and that can’t be good, especially when it marks the walls and ceiling & 3. I can’t change the scent with my mood.

Screenshot 2017-03-20 19.50.03With a aroma diffuser, after the initial investment, you have a wonderful, beautifully looking ornament which will fill your home with whatever essential oil blend you need at that moment. It might be something to get you going in the morning, or something to help you unwind at night.

The Zen Soto Diffuser is the most popular (number 5/second from last above) With the Zen Soto aroma diffuser you can create a peaceful and calming haven anywhere.

The Soto diffuser has colour changing mood lighting, which moves through a rainbow of colours, it can also be set on a single colour of choice. There is also a no light option, to continue soothing whilst you sleep.

The Soto aroma diffuser also acts as a mini humidifier, creating a cool, scented and relaxing mist which will spread fragrances quickly and effectively. The benefits of this “plug-in” is it has an Auto shut-off, its easy to use and maintain & has low energy consumption (12W).

To aid good sleep, you could pop on the Night time pre-blend if you are not sure what oils to use….

bath pageDo also give yourself time to unwind and have a hot bath 90 minutes before bedtime (if you can). Use sleep-inducing essential oils…

Chamomile, Lavender, Neroli Add 4-5 drops of the oil of your choice to 10ml of vegetable oil and add to a warm bath in the evening. To help it disperse in the water try mixing it in an little milk…..or go for the aromatic foaming bath…..already done for you….

Try a night skin & body care ritual using our Beauty sleep concentrate (or Frankincense products, but that is for another post)

Both the Concentrate and our Body butter contain the exotic organic ylang ylang to create a dreamy aromatherapy blend with clary sage, cypress, benzoin tincture, orange oil and patchouli.

beauty sleep body butter

Beauty Sleep Body Butter: A silky easily absorbed body butter enriched with the unique Beauty Sleep essential oils. Designed to help you drift away to a perfect nights sleep and wake up to intensely moisturised skin. – a testimonial from one of my customers

“The sleep beauty Sleep body butter has been a real asset to bedtime for both myself and my daughter. It’s a superb texture and absorbs well, with a scent that could only comfort and relax. My daughter was struggling to wind down between bath and bed, so addition of ‘sleep cream’ added not only a moment of still and calm during application but also sent her to bed with a sense of calm and ‘smelling beautiful’. It’s become a family favourite and travels with us when we head off on adventures now too.”

This cream is based on Organic Cocoa Seed butter, which is intensely moisturising and with the sunflower seed oil, creates a protective barrier. It is also packed with sodium hyaluranate – derived from glucose, this ingredient keeps the elastin fibres in the dermis layer of your skin flexible and moisturised, keeping your skin cells plump and radiant.

The facial serum of the Beauty Sleep Concentrate supports overnight skin regeneration, smoothing and replenishing as we sleep too.

beauty sleep page in catalogueIt has Cypress for soothing and relaxing, Narcissus to support skins natural night time regeneration, Clary sage which is toning and strengthening, grapeseed oil nourishes and softens, orange peel, toning, relaxing and uplifting, cocoa butter moisturised and protects, ylang ylang relaxing and calming, patchouli toning and gently astringent.

Putting this on has become part of my night time routine. I’ve always thought wearing a cream on my skin at night would cause breakouts, but it really doesn’t. It’s when your skin does it’s most repairing, so why not give it a helping hand?

So both the Beauty Sleep Body Butter & the Beauty Sleep Concentrate (for the face) are 2 products for the perfect pre-sleep prep!

Lastly……why not dab a little Night Time Remedy to Roll on pulse points or pop a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on a piece of cotton wool or a tissue and place on the pillow (between the pillow and the pillowcase) – I tested this out when flying back from Jamaica. Never before have a slept on a plane. Not to Australia, on the plane back from running NY marathon, not ever… until I rolled Night Time Remedy to Roll on to my temples and wrists. I slept for the whole four and a half hours the lights were low.

Or try out our new Goodnight pillow mist – this is one of my customer favourites. Here is what they have to say.

“Hello there!!!

I used to have a different belief in the power of aromatherapy. In my non knowledgeable belief it worked for two reasons: One, you learn what that aroma was supposed to do first, and then use it, mind over matter. Or if it was linked to a memory, and that would take you somewhere else.

I turned to this pillow mist as a last resource as my then just 1 year old girl was going through a real bad spell during night times… Not to use on her, but on me as If I wake up in the middle of the night I really struggle to get back to sleep, I thought “If I knew there was something there” it would be of some help. I was amazed at how well it worked, not only on the night I sprayed on the pillow, but the following night too, when I didn’t think there was “help”. It gave me a great night of good quality sleep, and unlike when you do take “nightall” or “nightnurse” you wake up feeling well and ready for the day ahead!

Recently, I’ve started using on my daughter’s pillow, I’ll spray in the afternoon, so it’s not so strong by the time bed time comes. She doesn’t know when I do or when I don’t spray, and that has changed my belief in aromatherapy. If I forget She most likely will not have a great night of sleep, If I do, she will go from 7pm til 630am in one sleep. She is now one and a half.

Within regards to the scent of lavender, it’s not my favourite one in most oils, candles, or anything artificially scented, but Neal’s Yard Remedies have made it so subtle, and nice, it’s like I’m lying on a field of lavenders….”

pillow mist And another

“This is a fabulous product; it smells divine and works so well. It has improved my sleep as I now drift off so much quicker, even when feeling anxious, so I use it every night. I will definitely be taking this with me when I stay away from home.”

Of course if you are looking to receive a wonderful “Sleep” Mothers Day gift…..why not send your Sleep “wish list” to the gift buyer, along with my contact details to get in touch with me!

Alternatively if you would like it all, why not think about hosting your own “sleep” event or PJ party with some friends, so I can come along and introduce everyone to Neal’s Yard….and as a Thank you for hosting you’ll receive our wonderful exclusive & new host gift of our Beauty Sleep Body lotion (correct at March 17)….plus the opportunity to earn yourself some free and half price products!

So hopefully that has helped you learn a little more about Sleep & some of the products that could assist you in aiding a restful nights sleep ….

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