Running analogy for my Neal’s Yard business

Please excuse my quick succession of blog posts.  In a way, this one does lead on from the last, in the fact it is to do with following a plan and setting a goal.  Yesterday I attended my first ever Neal’s Yard meeting.  Hosting the meeting was a lady called Elaine – one of Senior Ambassador in Neal’s Yard Organics and my upline’s, upline.  Elaine has been working with NY for five and a half years – this is important to remember, you will find out shortly why.  Although I did a small amount of due diligence before signing up as a “savvy shopper”, I had no intention of creating a business, I just loved the products, so didn’t go in to great depths.

When I started developing a little team, I thought I’d better learn a bit more.  I’ve been watching the online trainings, reading through the catalogue and trying every product under the sun.  I realise now, it would have been a lot cheaper to do this section of research by visiting a shop 😉

At yesterday’s training, I wanted to come away knowing what had to be done to earn a living out of NYO.  In all honesty I was shocked at the answer – stick to the plan.

On my 10 mile run this morning, it all fell in to place.  I will explain why.

When I decided to begin running, I had a strong why.  I was being chased by an insulin pen and I had recently delivered a hot tub to a very brave 5 year old boy who died two days later because the treatment he was given destroyed his brain.

They were and still are the reason I run.  I’ve picked up a few additional reason a long the way.  I have a slight addiction to finishing a run, I like buying trainers and oh my days do I have a soft spot for medals.

My why for registering with Neal’s Yard was rather weak.  I wanted to save money.  This quickly turned into “ooo perhaps I could raise some money for Blue Skye Thinking”; which now has the really strong motivation of building a business which will take the pressure of Keith and still keep Little J in his beautiful school.

When I first started running, I downloaded a couch to 5k app, which was a plan to condition my body over a period of 8 weeks to being able to run non stop for 30 minutes.  I had friends who had recommended this app to me as it had worked for them, so I believed it would get me there.  I hated it.  I hated every single step.  I wondered every single second how I could possibly make it to 1.5 minutes running.  I’m not even talking about a sprint here.  This was a slow jog.  Every single step along the way was tough.  If I could have cheated I would have.  But that plan worked.  At the end of the programme, I could run for 30 minutes without stopping.  I didn’t complete it in 8 weeks, it was probably more like 12-14 weeks, but it didn’t matter.

Neal’s Yard have a programme for their new recruits too.  It helps and motivates new consultants to build a foundation for their business.  It is tried and tested and if you follow it, it works.  I’m not saying you will hate every single step in this programme, because you won’t.  But you are likely to have to step a little way out of your comfort zone.  I am going to put my hands up here and say I cheated the system – not really intentionally, but through my obsession with shopping and some silly thought in my head that I needed as many products in my kit as possible before I could possibly think of hosting a party, I pretty much brought my way through the programme.  Not a great idea, as I am now having to go back and build those foundation stones and have a slightly less supportive husband!

Before I had even finished the c25k app, I had set myself a challenge to run 500k in 2015 for Blue Skye Thinking.  I joined Run Mummy Run and signed myself up for a couple of races.  I had to keep myself motivated.  I was increasing my distance slowly, but still cursed every step.  I researched running, techniques and spent a small fortune on kit.  After my first 10k race, I wondered if I could possibly manage to run a half marathon.  Of course I asked the world through Facebook.  I will never forget someone saying it was over double the distance and couldn’t possibly do it.  Guess what, I did it and it was the turning point for me.  I went from hating every step, to loving the way running made me feel.  I can do anything.

Hand on my heart, if someone’s WHY is big enough and they are willing to find the time to follow the training plan, they too can run.

There are not many business opportunities in the world where you can apply the same logic.  “The plan is tried and tested.  If you can find a few hours a week to invest in your business, you can achieve.”  Most businesses have a large element of risk and you need a little luck along the way too.

It has taken me a while to see the opportunity in my Neal’s Yard business.  It is a world-wide recognised and respected brand.  It scores 100% in all the categories it has been entered in the Good Shopping Guide.  It is ethical.  It uses the best organic ingredients and would rather have an out of stock item rather than cut corners and use lesser quality ingredients.  It invests in its consultants.  The products work.  There isn’t a product in the catalogue I would shy against recommending to someone.  Sometimes a person won’t suit a certain product – no problem, there are so many others to try and each one will look after that person from the inside out.  There are not any nasties.  You can use them on your massage clients, physiotherapy clients, aromatherapy clients, personal training clients.  You can use them as treatments in a spa, nail studio and even hot tub showroom 😉

In five years time, I aim to be the main bread winner in our house.  That is no easy task, believe me, but I am willing to follow the plan (and ask my friends to help me get started.)

This business opportunity isn’t for everyone, that is fine.  You might read this and think no way, but in 3 years time come back and say, “I’m ready now.”  That is OK too.  It has to feel right with you.

At the moment the starter kit is reduced from £95 to £50.  The sale is still on and there is an amazing offer for any host of half price Frankincense Intense Cream – THE best selling product! (all correct as of 10th January 2017).

Neal's Yard Starter Kit

There really is no better time to set yourself a goal and go for it.

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact me – form at the bottom of the page.  To register and order your starter kit, you can click here.

If you would like me to demonstrate my wonderful “fake it before you make it” skills at presenting a themed workshop (6-8 guests), mini facial party, or chat to you one on one, please let me know.

There is also a host opportunity to borrow a basket full of goodies to share with your friends/ colleagues and gather orders.  You will be offered the same benefits as a host – free shopping for orders over £150, the opportunity of half price shopping, free host gift and at the moment, half price Frankincense Intense Cream.  Again let me know if you are interested.

Finally, feel free to request to join my secret group on Facebook to keep you up to date with the latest offers, products and news.

This opportunity may not be for you, but you may know someone who it would be.  Please let them know and if they sign up, I will send you a thank you gift for recommending me.

What if I fall



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