I wonder…..

I have a love hate relationship with my curiosity.  I love the fact it has get up and go and wants to find things out, but other times I just wish it would be quiet and let me be.

It was my curiosity to wonder whether I actually have it in me to run a marathon, which is propelling me to travel to New York on Thursday to find out.   Aghhh, how has it come around so quickly?  Do I feel ready… I’m not sure.  I have followed the plan.  Got up at the crack of dawn and run when all I really wanted to do was stay in bed.  I’ve employed the services of a personal trainer for the first time in my life, and allowed her to push me to my limits.  I’ve not had a drop of alcohol for 11 weeks and 4 days.  I’ve changed my diet, drank less normal tea and increased my water consumption.  Surely this and my bloody mindedness will get me around 26.2 miles?

It is this same curiosity however that has put me in my latest dilemma.

You may remember my recent post on why I decided to share my secret about becoming a Neal’s Yard consultant.  Since that post, I have gained four lovely team members.  Each one has signed up for their own reasons and I’m loving the fact I can help them use Neal’s Yard for their own goal.

It’s caught my attention.

Could I, by helping my little team realise their dreams, become one of the mummies in the playground who is able to cover the cost of the school fees by doing something they love?  Could I help enough people through Neal’s Yard that I could make a massive difference each month to the battle to find safer ways to treat childhood brain tumours?

All of my team have signed up during a company lead campaign called ‘Feel the Love’.  During this campaign, if you gain five team members, no matter their reason for joining, you are invited to an enterprise day.  Only people who increased their team by five members during this campaign qualify.

No matter how much I try and tell myself to hold it lightly, my curiosity is taking over.  I want to be at that enterprise day.  I want to find the information out, so I can help my team.  When I should be packing my case and preparing for New York marathon, my brain is preoccupied on how I can get there – aghhhhh, curiosity you really need to be quiet now.

There are a mere 12 hours left in the ‘Feel the Love’ £40 sign up campaign and qualification period.  It’s not likely to happen.

Don't call it a dream

But that is OK.  After chatting to a friend yesterday, I’ve realised my dream needs to be long term.  I didn’t just put a pair of trainers on and run 26.2 miles.  It has taken months of learning, strengthening, running when I really didn’t want to.  What makes me think I can snap my fingers and have a large team underneath me without putting the effort in?  All our other businesses take effort, sweat, tears and a little bit of luck.  This one will too.

I’ll leave you with this….

success isn't



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