My Neal’s Yard Remedies Venture

I am fully aware I am an all or nothing person.  If I set my mind to do something, I will research it to death and do all I can to reach my goal.  My challenge to run New York Marathon is no exception.  I have driven myself mad trying to find the best marathon training plan possible.  I think I have four printed out and stuck on the fridge right now and an app on my phone.  I have employed the services of a lovely personal trainer called Sophie.  This has been huge for me.  I hate being told what to do.  So far I am loving it, as I think Sophie has worked out my personality by now!  I have a variety of supplements to swallow every morning, junk food has been banished from the house.  I have even gone 7 days without a drop of alcohol – honestly I have.

With 11 weeks to go I’m on a mission!

As you can imagine the stuff I’m putting in my body is wholesome, mostly organic and intended to try and help me complete 26.2 miles.

It got me thinking.  My skin deserves to be treated with the same respect.  So again I started to research.  Out of the blue, a post from Deliciously Ella reminded me of Neal’s Yard Remedies.  So I placed an order and have fallen back in love with the way their products feel on my skin.

This was a month or so ago.  All this time I have been thinking how much it would help Keith with Psoriasis, Middle Z with his teenage acne, Little J with his sensitive skin.  I looked at how much it would cost to replace all the current bottles in the house with Neal’s Yard Remedies and thought it would probably not pass as an acceptable expense on my credit card bill.

That was until I discovered the discount on offer if you become a “consultant“.  I am not a fan of multi-level marketing schemes.  They tend to cost you more money than you make, but again, I set out to do my due diligence.  To my amazement NYR do not operate the same kind of pushy, “you have to order this amount each month and sign up 20 friends”.  You can simply sign up, pay for your starter kit (which is greatly reduced) and buy your own personal products at the discount price.   Perfect!

Neal's Yard Remedies HQ in Covent Gardens
Neal’s Yard Remedies HQ in Covent Gardens (and Little J’s head)

After I signed up and received my ready made website, I started to think again.  There are lots of people I know who love Neal’s Yard Remedies, or who could definitely benefit from them.  It wouldn’t take a lot of time to tell people my website link and set up a Facebook page and it would be a brilliant way to raise money for Blue Skye Thinking.

It’s the reason I’m writing this drawn out blog post.  You won’t find me hosting parties or pushing catalogues in your face, but if you already buy NYR products, know someone who does or would like to try them out, please visit my ready made website, or ask me for a catalogue.

I will donate 50% of the profits to Blue Skye Thinking to help fund research into the causes and treatment of childhood brain tumours.

You won’t regret using them.


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