The sad Brexit fall out

Since waking up on Friday morning to the news the people in the UK who could be bothered to vote, chose for us to leave the European Union, I have felt deeply sad.  Sad not because of the result, but because of the reaction.  Not since my school days have I seen such abusive, aggressive and quite frankly childish behaviour.  The whole way through the referendum campaign, there has been nothing but nastiness, personal attacks and lies.  What would be so difficult about presenting the pros and cons of both sides of the opportunities in a clear, truthful and constructive manner, so everyone (who can be bothered) can make their choice?  It wouldn’t be would it?  Instead 48% of the population are terrified our country is going to end.  So terrified, they are taking to social media to belittle, judge, threaten anyone who chose to leave the European Union, applying for passports from countries they do not reside and signing petitions left, right and centre.  I’m not saying Brexit side haven’t fired back with a torrent of abuse either.  My goodness STOP – JUST STOP!

I know I’m one of the glass half full brigade.  I believe everything happens for a reason, even the shitty stuff.  In everything I am faced with in life, I take the opportunity to learn and try and make a difference.  Right now I am giving serious consideration to joining the Conservative party.  They are the party who will be leading the divorce proceedings and I would prefer to be in there making a difference, than I would sitting on the fence throwing stones and moaning.

What I do know right now is we wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to decide whether the UK leaves the EU if it was going to put us in ruin.  It might even make our country stronger in the world.

Being a member state of the EU doesn’t sit all that easily with me, I have to admit.  I like the fact we live in a democracy.  If we don’t like something, we can write to our MP, who will take our views to Parliament.  Every five years, we have the opportunity to say to the government, “I like what you are doing, I’m going to vote for you to stay.”  or “Seriously, what the hell where you doing – I’m voting for the other party.”

The way I see it, we are slowly losing that option in the EU.  There are people sitting in Brussels who probably haven’t even heard of Oxfordshire.  Who haven’t seen the beautiful rolling countryside in which I am fortunate enough to reside.

Oxfordshire Countryside
Oxfordshire countryside on my run this morning

Yet these unelected officials are able to dictate to the farmers of those fields, what they are allowed to grow/farm and because we are part of the EU.  Our government cannot do anything about it.  Over the years, the EU has made more and more decisions about our country from their voting chamber in Strasbourg – which if you were not aware, is miles away from Brussels and is travelled to, on mass, with all the MEP’s, assistants and boxes, just to vote.  Our energy production has been handed on a plate to France.  Tulip growing to the Dutch and goodness knows where our steel industry is going to end up.  If I wanted to live in a dictatorship, I would move to one of the other 50 countries around the world where the people do not have a say.  My grandparents fought in the World War to make sure we had freedom.

To me the whole Brexit thing about immigration is a complete joke too.  Under the EU, we are told who can come and work, use the NHS and claim benefits.  Out of the EU, the UK can chose the best from around the world.  The best doctors and nurses, researchers and scientist – the best of everything.  To me that isn’t racist.  If anything the rules under the EU are.

I don’t care about having to queue up in a different line at immigration.  I don’t give a crap if we have to apply for a Visa to go to Cyprus – I do it for the countries I travel to outside the EU already.  What I do give a crap about is all the fighting and fear.  It’s wrong…. so so wrong!

Brave little five year old Skye Hall said “Make the most of what you’ve got!”  How right was he.

make the most of what you've got

Open your eyes people.  Take a step back.  Wait for the government to speak of the way forward.  I’ve been in a bad marriage.  I’ve been through a messy divorce.  It hurts.  It’s upsetting.  It’s worrying.  But my goodness life on the other side is freer, happier, better.  All the things I lost in my divorce have come back to me tenfold.  If everyone – including the leaders – take a step back, breathe and then work together to find a way through, Britain could be Great again.

I’ll leave you with this:

Pooh & Piglet unite after Brexit



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