New York Marathon Training Week 1

My training for New York Marathon is starting two weeks later than I would have liked.  Keith was working away during half term and Little J was poorly so my 11 mile run was put on hold.  The following week, I developed a chest infection.  Never in my life before have I had a chest infection, but for some reason, that was the doctors conclusion from listening to me and my chest.

The wonders of modern medicine allowed me to run Race for Life 5k on Sunday.  It wasn’t the easiest 5k I have run, I have to admit.  The route around Campbell Park in MK is undulating – just what you need when your lungs are not their best.  I had company in the form of my step daughters, which was really lovely.  Neither of them run on a regular basis, yet they both ran with determination.

Race for Life 2016

Today was my first day off the antibiotics.  I decided I would celebrate by resuming my marathon training plan and run 12 miles.  I can do 12 miles.  I’ve run 3 half marathons before.  12 miles is fine…. but boy did I find it tough.

I was pushing myself totally out of my comfort zone.  Normally I run around the quiet villages.  If a see a handful of people and cars, it’s a busy day.  Today I decided I would run into Bicester, down the new estate relief road and back home again.  The fear of seeing anyone I knew was quite great.  The fear of looking like a tortoise was even greater.  These were all gazumped by the fear of not completing the planned route.  This was a genuine fear right from the outset.  I have come to realise the first few km of a run are hard.  When these few km turn into 5,6,7,8,9,10km I realise my body is just not feeling it and if I make it home without crawling, it will be a miracle.

The 10k mark was the furthest point from home and in fairness 10-11k went by quite quickly.   It was now I could give myself markers to get to.  The roundabouts, traffic lights, junction, the corner, the pond, the 30 sign and finally the green.  Woohoo I had made it.  20.1km in 2:20.  Ughh, I’ve completed a whole half marathon is quicker time!

My lessons from today:

  1.  I need bigger trainers if I stand a chance of keeping my toenails.  I am having to wear two insoles at the moment.  The lovely spongy Nike ones which came with my shoes and my custom insoles to give me a little more support when my form goes.  When my feet are hot, they swell and my toes are right at the end of my trainers.  I was convinced I would return home with my toenail stuck to the inside of my trainer.  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.
  2. I’m not sure Tailwind and I are friends.  I’ve tried it twice now and both times I have had crampy feelings in my tummy.  I struggle to drink enough when I’m running, so I don’t think I’m getting enough of the energy to keep my legs from tiring either.  I’m not sure what else I can try, but I need to explore other options.
  3. I need to concentrate on my ITB again.  I have a fair amount of pain again at the top of my tibia.  I really don’t want it to flair up again.
  4. Long slow inclines zapp my energy.  I’m going to have to get used to this one.  NY is hilly!
  5. Although I didn’t feel hydrated by Tailwind, I don’t feel exhausted afterwards either… maybe I’ll give it another go
  6. I love running in the rain
  7. My Tikiboo leggings rock.  No blistered belly button for me.
  8. I love running in the countryside

Goodness knows how I am going to ever run 26.2 miles.  I definitely don’t have it in me right now.  I hope the training prepares me for it.  I hope I am able to enjoy it.  I don’t want to be so focussed on how I feel on 6th November I forget to take in the wonders on New York.  I’m considering lowering my expectation and run walking it.  I read a few articles last night.  New York apparently isn’t a good marathon for a PB.  Whatever time I do it in it will be a PB, but it says to me it’s a hard route.  Oh how I wish there was someone to quiz….

More research is necessary.



3 thoughts on “New York Marathon Training Week 1

  1. I have the same issue with my sneakers. I bought mine a half size larger to compensate for my custom insole and the insole that came with my shoes but the right foot still feels tight. I just bought them a few weeks ago so I am not excited to buy another pair just yet but I would rather do that instead of running the risk of losing a toe nail while I am training. Great post, it seems like you learned a lot from this run.


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