Running Streak – Weeks 3 & 4

Week three of my running streak started with my first long distance run since Reading half.  A lovely 10 mile route with my brand new running bladder.  I washed it out.  Filled it up.  IMG_0816Tested it and strapped it on – all was good.  The sun was shining, the lambs were bleating and I was going at a steady pace to keep under the 143 heart rate threshold.  Then I needed a drink… after remembering how to open the valve, I took a big sip…. OMG, it was like drinking liquid plastic.  I was gagging, heaving, struggling to breathe and somehow still running along the road.  Two miles into a 10 mile run and I thought I’d rather drink a muddy puddle than the water in my bladder pack!

Thankfully I wasn’t too thirsty on my way around and managed to mask most of the taste with nibbles of my chia charge flapjack and mind over matter.  16.05km done

Day two of week three was tough.  The plan was to do 1ok with Keith, but he was busy at work, so didn’t come out with me.  I was quite glad.  I only managed 8 of the planned 10k and my handheld water bottle was annoying me to the point of wanting to throw it in a hedge.  My legs were tired.  Still 8.02k done.

Day three of week three was pretty much as disastrous.  I planned to do a hiit work out, then run with Gemma at lunch time.  She called me during my hiit workout to tell me she wasn’t running, so I thought I would do the mile straight after on the treadmill.  Not recommended.  It was tough!  2.21k done

A similar theme is running through this week – seriously tired and achey legs – not from running this time, but from the hiit work out.  My adductors were screaming at me! 2.25k done.

Day five was another story of me wimping out of driving to Parkrun by myself.  Still suffering from the hiit workout, I did 5.07k on the treadmill.

Day six 24.04.16 – watching 267 other RMRers running Virgin London Marathon and tracking them.  So I got up at the crack of dawn and ran 2.28k before I started my tracking duties.  What a day of emotions!  All my ladies completed it in times from 3:45 to 7:01 -so proud of them all!

Day seven was another aborted 10k run with Keith – so 2 minute intervals it was.  They’re definitely getting easier to do mentally.  Today was the day I decided to run New York marathon in 2016 – subject to sorting out childcare.  3.14k done.

Week four – and my final week of the running streak.  It started in a rubbish way.  My treadmill cut out at 3k.  It’s only a year old.  What on earth would stop the belt from moving?  I kept switching it off and trying again.  I wanted to get to 5k.  It wasn’t going to happen.  I aborted my run and emailed NordicTrack support.

Week four day two was again my long run.  This time my bladder pack didn’t taste like liquid plastic, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as the previous week.  I kept forgetting to keep at 143 heart rate, so tired quickly.  I really doubted my ability to get around 26.2 miles.  I still do a bit.  I’m struggling to find a training plan I can believe in.  My TFL is screaming at me and I have been told there is a big hill at mile 23!  Seriously, who would put a hill at mile 23 in a marathon?  16.94k done and NYC Marathon booked!!

Day three and I was back out with Gemma for the first time in 10 days.  I really didn’t feel like it.  My TFL was still painful when walking, but week four of c25k has you running for 5 minutes max at one time, so thought it might help.  It did.  I forgot to start my watch, but manage to record 2.21k – done.

Day four was the day my running streak came to an abrupt halt.  My treadmill wasn’t playing ball at all and it wasn’t safe to go out on the road. 0.21k doesn’t really qualify as a run.  And 20 minutes hula hoop, just isn’t the same.  In a way I’m glad it ended in this way.  I can’t run every day if I am going to be serious about running the marathon.  My body just won’t cope.  I need to focus on strength just as much as I need to run.  I have 7 months to feel confident I can complete NYM.  That is my focus.

Day five – I had to put this in, even though it stopped yesterday.  I did Parkrun in Buckingham.  I honestly struggled.  My breathing was all over the place.  I kept looking at my pace (much quicker than my brain thinks I can run), my running buddy was ahead of me for the first time and I thought I was having an asthma attack as my lungs felt completed restricted…. but looks at this – 9th in my age category.  35th female finisher.  28.47 PB – wooohoo!  A good way to park my running streak (even though I’m running again tomorrow and Monday/ Tuesday/Wednesday – someone stop me!!)

Screenshot 2016-04-30 12.50.01


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