My Running Streak – Week 2

This 2nd week of my running streak has been pretty mundane for the most part.  I’ve been finding that because I’m running every day, I’m running shorter distances, but still trying to make them count.

Day 8 – Intervals

After feeling 9kph to 10kph wasn’t really pushing me last week.  I decided to do 9kph and 11kph.  It did make me work a bit harder 🙂  With a little 2.5 minute warm up and cool down, my six speed intervals were over pretty quickly.  2.73km done.

Day 9 – Trail Run

StoweTrail running is very new to me.  I brought a pair of Brookes Cascadia with my voucher for signing up with Vitality Health Insurance, because I fancied running some of the bridalways around my house.  Little did I know the bridalways are not a runner’s best friend.  With huge tyre tracks and horses hoof prints the size of craters, my first trail run wasn’t the best – and I got lost.  So I decided for my second trail adventure, I would go somewhere I knew.  I parked outside my lovely friends house and ran up Stowe Avenue in Buckingham to Stowe Gardens.  Not ever having ventured up the hill before, I did not know it was tarmac.  Thank goodness for the grass.  Stowe Landscape Gardens are pretty spectacular, but do not open until 10am.  So I ran the trail path which goes around the walled Gardens and School.  Pushed for time, I didn’t make it completely around, but still… 5.5km done.

Day 10 – C25k week 3 day 3

Back out with my daughter today.  I have to say I found it hard.  I felt like lead.  I wanted to be sick.  The 1st minute and a half felt like forever.  I questioned whether I was pushing myself too much with my running challenge – then told myself to snap out of it and felt so much better.  1.62km done.

Day 11 – Hill Reps

I didn’t have much time today, as I was running before cooking the children’s dinner.  I really wanted to make it count, so decided on 1.5 minute hill reps on the treadmill.  A nice short 15 minute session.  2.32km done.

Day 12 – Chickened out of Parkrun

I was a chicken.  Bicester had it’s first ever Parkrun and I convinced myself to run at home instead.  It was snowing.  My Parkrun buddies were not going.  My ex-husband’s new wife was apparently going.  I had a race the following day.  Keith was away, so I would have to leave the boys alone.  So instead, I took to the treadmill again for a steady 5k – only the power tripped at 4.56km stopping the treadmill abruptly causing me to almost head butt it.  Plunged in darkness, I had to try and navigate myself off the treadmill, around the various objects lurking in the garage, to open the door for some light.  It was at this point, seeing the snow falling heavily, I decided I had made the right decision.

Day 13 – ZSL London Zoo 10k

ZSL London Zoo raceI do love it when my family come to watch me run.  I know it’s boring for them and they are dragged out of bed early, but it’s nice to have a smiling face at the finish line.  I met 3 of my friends from Run Mummy Run, Katie, Gill and Becca.  It was Becca’s birthday and she decided she would help me get a sub 60 minute 10k.  No walk in the park for me then.  To get a sub 60, would mean shaving 4 minutes of my previous PB time.  One in which I hadn’t managed to beat for more than a year.  Oh my goodness me it was tough.  Well the first couple of km were OK.  We were chatting and laughing.  Then we had to pick up pace and I was struggling.  The water stations were handing out plastic cups.  Come on, how the hell are you meant to drink from a plastic cup when you are running?  I wore most of mine.  There were points I wished the sunshine would be replaced with the previous day’s snow!  I really didn’t think we would do it.  We were so far behind on time.  But as we crossed the finish line, my watch said 1:00:01 – oh for goodness sake – sooooo close!  My chip time turned out to be 1:00:00 – I can’t see me ever being able to repeat that!  10km done

Day 14 – C25k week 4 day 1

Today felt good.  I had a few muscles I needed to get warmed up.  I can’t believe how good it feels to run slowly after a hard run the day before.  Poor Gemma struggled.  I’m worried about her legs.  She says they hurt, but I think she just needs to get them used to working.  I had another dumb moment and didn’t start my watch, but we went the furthest ever distance, so I reckon it was about 2.5km – done.

What will week three bring 🙂

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