It’s been seven long days since pain in my knee stopped me from running 4km from home.  Seven days since I have felt the release of putting on my trainers and blowing all the cobwebs away.   Seven days of hoping every day I would wake up and feel some kind of improvement.  Thankfully I am seeing small improvements.  The exercises and stretches I am doing are starting to make a difference.  (As are the long needles Lisa has been sticking in me 🙂 )

Watching other people running along the road has made me pine with envy – I feel silly even thinking like it.  12 months ago I would have done anything to find an excuse why I couldn’t run.  I remember longing for the run to be over.  Hating every single step apart from the last.   Now I would do anything to be able to run without pain.  I know I will get there, but I really must start to enjoy the journey a bit more.

take for granted

Little J has picked up one of Z’s books from his childhood.  It is a VeggieTales book.  If you haven’t come across them, they are a bunch of vegetable characters who retell the stories and morals of the bible.  Honestly they are really good.  My eldest Gemma had a favourite: Madame Blueberry.

Madame Blueberry

Madame Blueberry – now I’m cringing and finding this incredibly difficult to write – Madame Blueberry is a bit like me of late…. never grateful.  She goes around wanting more “I’m so blue, I’m so blue, I don’t know what to do.”  If I can buy this then I will be happy… If I can run a bit faster than I will be happy…  You get the idea.

The thing is in general, I am so grateful for my life.  I have nothing to complain about.  I’ve just found myself comparing what I have and haven’t got/ what I can and cannot do, to others.  As a result, I’ve lost my focus and joy.  I’ve stopped looking at the world with a grateful heart – one in which is open to receiving the happiness of the world.

Recent events have shown me more than ever that the world needs love.  If more people felt love and acceptance, they wouldn’t live in fear and grab on to these radical, extreme religions.  The would feel they have a place and purpose in the world without causing damage and destruction.

If we all stopped and were a little more grateful for what we have and extend love to those around us, how different could this world be?

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change” Michael Jackson

there is no joy without gratitude


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