Moments to treasure in Selcey Woods

At 7am my email pinged “The sun is shining, do you fancy going to Selcey Woods?”  At the end of October, those words are rarely written – sun? October?  “I’ll meet you at 11am” I wrote back.

I think everyone for miles around had thought the same.  Damn, I forgot it was half term.  Z had got up at normal time to go to work in the hot tub business, so had completely forgotten about half term!  Not to worry, I managed to invent a parking space under a tree, pay the £3 charge and find our friends.

One thing we have learnt over the years about our growing little ones is they love a cafe.  If these 3 year olds know there is a cafe on site, they are not happy until they’ve tasted the delights.  Giving the amount of people still arriving at Selcey Woods, we decided to head straight for The Forest Cafe in the hope to beat the queues and the constant requests!

Lunch time at Forest Cafe Selcey Forest

There is a large selection of food on the menu.  To my surprise, Little J chose a jam sandwich which came promptly on a plate with a few pom bears, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and apple slices.  My soup was delicious with large door steps of chunky granary bread.  Very nice food for the small amount of money handed over.

All filled up and ready to burn some energy, we decided to head towards the tree top trail.  In all honesty, given the fact we never make it into the gardens when we visit Stowe, we didn’t have many hopes of reaching the trail.

Pathway to the tree top trail

The consistent supply of large muddy puddles and newly found sticks kept them moving along the pathway.

Reading the signs Muddy Puddles Sticks

The trail up the the tree tops takes you on a gentle climb through the dense trees.  The path is accessible for wheel chairs and pushchairs, with plenty of places to stop and enjoy the surroundings.

trees View point to hide in tree top trail

If you are feeling brave enough, you can climb the last two flights of stairs to experience being above the tree tops.  The steps are steep and if you look down through the steps, you can see the forest floor.

But the view from the top is amazing

Top of the world

One of the most wonderful things about being a child is the love of mud.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the little ones playing games in the puddles.

puddle jumping puddle jumping

They managed to get quite muddy!

muddy muddy

And even managed to splatter five week old Baby D.

Baby D

I adore days like this.  Where children can be free to be children.

faces faces faces

And learn from nature.

Back in September 2011, when Keith and I sat in a cramped room in Buckingham with five other expectant parents-to-be, I did not know how important these people would become in my life.  All bar one of our original group meet up pretty much every Friday.  Friday is a sacred day.  Even more sacred now with less than a year until the little ones begin full time school.

It’s on days like this one, I feel so blessed with life’s timing!

Monkey and Mouse

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

10 thoughts on “Moments to treasure in Selcey Woods

  1. That’s so nice that your antenatal group still meet regularly, I’m still in touch with our groups members, but we don’t meet so often, partly as we are spread out throughout a large county and I can hardly ever meet up without the car! The kids are having an amazing time in the muddy woods, so lovely that they are all splashing around in the puddles and making the most of being little. Poor baby getting splashed, but I’m sure it wasn’t noticed by the baby itself. The tree top trail looks fantastic, I love the idea of looking down on the top of the trees.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  2. What a lovely group you have, I must say 18 years on I still am close to my NCT group and our children are good friends too even though we live hours apart. I hope you keep your friendships as they children grow too. What a wonderful place to enjoy a day out. That photo of Little J with his stick and roaring expression really made me smile, this is having fun at its best! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


  3. How lovely to still be in touch with your ante natal friends, it must be great to watch your children grow up together. Days out like this, where the kids can just run around are just perfect #countrykids


  4. Looks like somewhere we need to visit, off for a google. My NCT group kept me sane, we met every Monday until the kids started in Nursery class and some moved out of town. But we still try to get the kids together at Easter and Christmas, and the Mums come here once a month for a curry night to catch up and share news. Best money I ever spent #CountryKids


    1. I’m sure you would love it Mary. Selcey Wood is only about 20-25 minutes from me, so I can imagine it won’t be much over 30 minutes for you. I’m glad you are still able to meet up with your NCT group too. It is money well spent. We weren’t sure whether to do them, but with at least 11 years since the previous child’s birth, we thought we should 🙂


  5. We missed out on our antenatal classes and I’m really regretting it now. Its so good that you’re able to see them still. What a brilliant day out altogether. You can’t beat some muddy puddle jumping and playing with sticks. It sounds like a fabulous day out with some lovely memories made and some actual real life sunshine! Woooo!! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


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