Short break at Bellis Deluxe Hotel in Belek, Turkey

The sky outside is looking rather grey, so I thought I would journey back to the blue skies we have had the honour to visit this summer.  First stop is the Bellis Deluxe Hotel in Belek, Turkey.  We visited Turkey at the end of May.  The circumstances surrounding this holiday were very difficult.  Initially our brief 4 night stay in Turkey was supposed to be just Keith & I,  for his friend’s birthday.  After the death of my grandfather a couple of weeks before, Little J joined us and we booked a hotel further down the beach.  We were determined to make the most of it.

Neither Keith or I had visited Turkey before.  Neither of us knew how to speak any Turkish.  Neither of us knew what to expect.

Bellis Deluxe Hotel in Belek

Our welcome at the Bellis Deluxe couldn’t have been warmer.  The receptionist spoke very clear English and she invited us to eat in the main restaurant before it closed.  There was so much food to chose from.  The food was mainly to suit the vast amount of Russian and German guests in the hotel; however, there was no shortage of food to suit all diets and taste buds.

We only saw one other British family during our stay.  It really didn’t matter.  Even the young children Little J’s age could talk basic English and communicate with us – puts us to shame!

The grounds at Bellis Duluxe are vast.  However, there was one favourite place and for fours days, we barely moved from it!

Children's pool at Bellis Deluxe The Children’s pool!

Switched on from 10am to 12pm then again from 2pm to 6pm, the waterslides, waterfalls and cannons on the ship were too much fun to miss.


The abundance of sunbeds around the pool gave parents a welcome break.



And little ones some shade a respite when they had been running around for hours on end.

Sitting in the shade

I wondered how many times little J could go down the same slide.

Under protest, we did manage to lure Little J away from the pool for lunch.  The taverna bar overlooking the sea was great for a snack lunch.  There was always a large selection of salad, with daily meat options and the obligatory chips!  The view was fabulous.

View from the taverna

The beach itself is protected by security guards, which meant we were not accosted every five minutes by someone trying to sell us something or give us a massage.  The sand was super hot though!

The beach The Beach

When the sun went down, the hotel lit up, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

bellis at night

The numerous bars served cocktails and local spirits, beer, wine, soft drinks – the language everyone uses is English.  Amazing!

There was plenty of entertainment in the evenings.  We opted for a quiet drink in the bar, as by then end of the day, Little J was exhausted.

family selfie

As you can see…

Little J asleep

The hotel has it’s own mini zoo located at the front of the hotel.

Bellis zoo

The animals look well looked after and are under plenty of shade.  Little J loved seeing all the animals.

IMG_7705 IMG_7703 IMG_7698 IMG_7694 IMG_7696 the zoo

The facilities at Bellis Deluxe are vast.  In our short stay, we didn’t use 10% of them.  There are tennis courts, football pitches, golf, children’s clubs, several restaurants, a gym and daily activities by the pool.  With these facilities, you could honestly be anywhere in the world.  The difference would be the price you pay for them.  Our hotel room on an all-inclusive basis was £120 per night!!!  You would have a hard job beating it really.

We did have a lovely time despite everything and came back to England feeling refreshed.

Monkey and Mouse


2 thoughts on “Short break at Bellis Deluxe Hotel in Belek, Turkey

  1. A fabulous holiday, perfect for kids! When we were on holiday the kids would have been happy to staying in the resort most the time, they didn’t really care as much about seeing the sights as we did, but then why would they when there are some fantastic water slides and beaches! I love that you even had a zoo outside the hotel, you really did get good value for money, will have to look into this for another year!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  2. What a perfect holiday. That resort looks so beautiful and the water…wow!!!! I bet the sand was boiling hot. The sand in Cornwall gets pretty hot to walk on in summer, but that’s not exotic temperatures. It’s good that there were security guards on the beach too. It’s not nice being pestered when you’re trying to relax. I really want to go on holiday. This place loos so, so lovely! And the zoo looks like so much fun. I’d spend all my time by the pool for sure. Thank you so much for sharing this on #whatevertheweather x


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