Diary Doll – Pretty Pants with Protection

Ladies I’m here to talk about pants (and ladies problems). Gentlemen, you can be excused (that includes you, my darling husband – I will not grill you on this one I promise!) Love them or hate them, most of us wear knickers daily. I don’t know about you, but I would feel rather exposed if I didn’t don them for my waking hours.

I would feel even more exposed without them during the “time of the month”. Lately, the first few days of Aunt Flo’s visit could be likened to an episode of casualty – it needs no explanation, I’m sure you’ve been there. In recent months, I have had to limit my plans for these first few days. No long runs. I don’t like going far from the house. I definitely won’t stay in a hotel or go for a sleepover. My life has begun to revolve around her visit!

Unnecessarily I have to say.

Why you ask. I had completely forgotten about my secret friend lying at the bottom of my pants drawer. Diary Doll!

I was reminded of my Diary Dolls when founder of Run Mummy Run, Leanne Davies asked for a couple of bloggers to write a review.   Oh yes please!

Diary Dolls Carol & Annabel
Diary Dolls Carol & Annabel (photo used with permission)

Diary Doll are the inspired creation of tennis star Annabel Croft and TV’s Carol Smillie. They are simply a pair knickers “lightweight, super soft and contain a secret waterproof panel to protect clothing and bedding against any embarrassing leaks.” Lets face it the embarrassing moments we are talking about here are ones where we wish the ground would swallow us up – what woman wouldn’t like a little protection from those dreaded moments?

So what are they like?

The first thing I noticed when I opened the parcel was the attention to detail. The cute little buttoned purse made me instantly feel that these were the holy grail of knickers.

Diary Doll Panties

Opening it up, the fabric really was super soft and stretchy. They felt amazing against my skin.

Diary Doll Knickers

Dairy Dolls have elasticated legs. Initially I thought this might prove to be uncomfortable with my rather large thighs, but I didn’t even notice them.   If anything, they gave me an added feeling of security against leakage. They are also less likely to fall apart when trying to rip the winged sanitary towel off in a hurry!

Diary Dolls Pants with protection
Photo used with permission – I could only dream of my bum looking this good!

The waterproof panel stretches from front to back seamlessly.   It is ultra thin and once on, unnoticeable – you do not feel like you are wrapped in clingfilm – yes a friend really did ask!

So how do Diary Doll fair when running?

They honestly couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me. With my first half marathon in just over a week, I cannot deviate from my training plan. Long runs have to be completed, whatever. Wearing Diary Doll definitely gave me a sense of security. Triply protected, my 10 mile run was completed without any embarrassing moments, any chaffing or uncomfortable feelings. It was like I was wearing my favourite knickers.

I noticed a surprise benefit of wearing these innovative knickers.

Camel Toe! Another rather embarrassing side effect of being a female wearing tight compression leggings. Well Diary Doll knickers seem to reduce the problem. Excuse the photos, but I know if you are a female who wears tight leggings, you will be interested to see the results. The first picture is in my normal knickers, the second wearing Diary Doll (with out anything else).

Camel Toe

What do you think? To me it is a definite improvement!

My well-used pair of Diary Dolls are around three years old and still feel as soft as when they were new. I would recommend line drying them. I neglected to separate mine from the rest of the wash and have damaged them.  They still protect as well as before though – I had to re-test them too, just to make sure!

My old black diary dolls

All in all I would recommend investing in a pair or two. I’m pretty sure they would be an immense relief for ladies with pelvic floor issues too.

All the panties
The fours different colours of Diary Doll (photo used with permission)

Diary Doll cost £14.95.  They can be purchased from a wide range of departments stores and independent linergie stores; however if you buy directly from Diary Doll, you will receive the cute purse too.

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Diary Doll in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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