Green Dragon Eco Farm – Excellent place for children

Green Dragon Farm has not been opened long.

Green Dragon Eco Farm

You may remember my visit to the farm before it started accepting payment for entry.  Today was my third visit since the official opening in April.  There is no doubt about it, Little J loves it.  In all honesty, I can see why.  There is so much to explore and expand little imaginations.  The moment I mention Green Dragon Farm to Little J, he asks to go into the messy barn.

Messy Barn at Green Dragon

The Messy Barn, at the moment, is a mixture of sandpits and soft play areas – with some extra magic.  Budding paleontologists will love digging and brushing the sand away to find the dinosaur.  I won’t spoil your fun and tell you which one is lurking beneath.

Messy Barn

There are lots of picnic and BBQ areas around Green Dragon.

picnic areas at green farm

However, if like me you never have anything appetising enough in the fridge, the cafe has some wonderful home cooked delights.

cafe at green dragon farm

Little J chose fish, chips and peas, which was generous and demolished.  I chose the cajun chicken salad – which was delicious!

Cajun Chicken Salad and Green Dragon

The cafe has colouring to entertain the little ones while you are enjoying a cup of coffee or your lunch and is a big hit!

Children in the cafe

Luckily the sun had decided to shine by the time we had eaten our lunch, so it was time to explore the outside areas.

exploring the outside at Green Dragon Farm

The first thing you will notice are the go carts.

go carts at green farm

Suitable for all ages, these are a fab idea.  Little J however knows where the play areas and sandpits are, so the go carts have not yet been tempting enough.

The outside play areas are fabulous – somewhat nerve wracking for parents – but the little ones love them!

outdoor play at green dragon farm

Further down the track are the animals.  You can buy feed for the animals for 50p per bag.  I always find this quite ingenious on the part of the farms.  Customer pay for the food and feed the animals.  I’m not moaning – at the end of the day, little J has developed so much confidence around animals, thanks to our stay at Coombe Mill.  I remember when he would not enter a barn and if an animal made a slightest of noises, he would run a mile – now look at him!  (Thank you Coombe Mill)

little j with the animals

By the time we had left the pets corner, we had been at Green Dragon for 4 hours – yet the little ones did not want to leave!

Little J had to wash his hands for the third time after insisting on seeing the ponies and donkeys.


By the time we got into the car, we had spent five hours at the farm.  Five hours full of entertainment and fun.  At each area, the little ones wanted to stay longer.

I am so glad I invested £99 in a season ticket.  Green Dragon Farm is the type of place you could pop in to after school or stay for a whole day.

I am looking forward to seeing how they develop the messy barn once the new soft play barn is opened.  Apparently the soft play will all move from the messy barn and there will be another cafe in the soft play barn.  Both of which I would encourage.  Having visited in the colder months, I would also encourage some form of heating in the barns.

We had a fab day and will be visiting again very soon!

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