Grey hair, what grey hair?

I feel it is my public duty to share my latest beauty find.  For the last fifteen years, my hair has slowly but surely been loosing it’s lovely pigmentation and developing a rather coarse textured, silvery appearance.   Not wanting to look old before my time, my quest to hide the coarse, silvering hair has been quite a challenge.  Of course these coarse, silvery coloured hairs are not strategically hidden on the underneath of my hair.  They are prominently growing in the front third of my head and at times, can take on the appearance of singed pubic hair – I hope I am painting the picture of how much I love my ageing hair.

After much discussion with my fabulous hairdresser, Pam, we decided my hair needed to return to a lighter shade.  This lighter shade would have to be achieved without the use of bleach, as when bleached, the coarse hair would split and shrivel up.  It has taken some months to grow the bleached ends out and lighten up the top, but we are slowly getting there. My hair feels quite nice at the moment.  (some of this might be down to my new wonder shampoo and conditioner.)

However, my hair grows rather quickly.  Within a couple of weeks of having my hair highlighted, the silver streaks are showing.  Until recently I have been using a crayon like stick to cover my stripes.  It did what it said on the tin, but left my roots feeling waxy.

Then I discovered WOW colour WOW – it had come highly recommended.

I was so eager to open the box up to discover if it would live up to it’s praise, I ripped the box (oops!)

wow colour wow

It looks like eyeshadow.

wow colour wow eyeshadow

It probably is eyeshadow.  An eyeshadow with a rather large double ended brush.

An eyeshadow with a rather large double ended brush which covers my coarse silvering hair without making it feel waxy – hallelujah!  The photos do not really show how well this works.

my hair

My acid test was seeing my hairdresser Pam today.  I had taken little J to have his hair cut yesterday and Pam had remarked at how good the colour was looking.  I told her briefly about my little box of magic powder and she didn’t seem too excited – until when I returned today to have my hair coloured without the WOW colour WOW on and she could see how well it does blend my grey hairs into oblivion.

If you are struggling to hide the grey hairs, I would highly recommend WOW colour WOW.  I ordered the light brown from Bodycare2000 for £21.90.  The service was quite quick and I would purchase from them again.

If you do try it, I would love to know what you think.

I may try it out on my grey hair in my eyebrow…. 🙂

One thought on “Grey hair, what grey hair?

  1. Glad it’s working for you and great if your hairdresser was impressed with it too. I’m lucky that even my natural brown is quite light so I’ve not been so conscious of what’s happening under the colour! I haven’t been brunette for a long time though, might be a bit of a shock now!


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