Loom to the Moon Virtual Runner

You may remember at the beginning of the year I took part in my first ever virtual race.  It was a 5km race, which at the time I signed up, didn’t know how I was going to ever complete.  Oh how far I have come!   I signed up for a few more virtual races to keep me motivated on my 500 mile journey.  I was going to be doing the distance anyway, why not earn myself some bling and raise money for other worthwhile causes at the same time.

It got me thinking – dangerous I know!  Could we possibly do a virtual running race for Blue Skye Thinking?  The loom to the moon logo is very attractive and would surely look great as a medal?  Surely at least 450 people would want to run the race?

So I emailed Susan at Virtual Runner UK.  What a lovely lady!  I sent her the picture of the loom to the moon logo and told her a bit about Skye and Blue Skye Thinking.  The email Susan sent back made me cry.  She could see it working and sent the logo off to the medal makers to see if it could be done.

Loom to the Moon medal

When Susan sent me the proof, I cried again.  Not only because it was amazing, but from the little I knew of Skye, he would have loved this medal for himself.

The medal went into production and the virtual race was set for August 2015.

Loom to the moon medal

August 2014 was the month I met Skye.  The month he died from the side affects of the brutal treatment he had for his brain tumour.  It also became the month after team Blue Skye Thinking smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest loom band.  The month Andrew Hall, Skye’s daddy cycled from Skye’s grave in Bladon, Oxfordshire to the Isle of Skye.  August is a month I will never forget.

However much I wanted the Loom to the Moon medal for myself, Keith and I decided it should be Little J’s first race.  Little J often speaks about Skye, so I thought it might inspire him to play ball….

…. No chance!

He was quite happy to put on his new running trainers.  He was quite happy the draw start and finish lines in chalk all over the driveway.  But run, cycle, scoot, crawl – he was not having any of it.  I did manage to encourage him to move a few steps before he wanted to be carried.  Then we managed a few more hopping.  (Hopping to get mummy to pick me up, but they were steps nonetheless!)  We did make it around the village green.  I was hoping for three laps, but one under the circumstances would do.  He completed his first race and his medal is in pride of place with my bling on the chalkboard.

Little J and his medal


Today I received an email from JustGiving – “someone has made a donation to your page, see who it is.”  Oh OK, if you insist.  Wow, wow, wow is all I can say!

Amount raised by Virtual Runner for Blue Skye Thinking


Reduced to tears again.  I wish I could thank every single one of the men, women and children who took part and donated to Blue Skye Thinking.  My biggest thanks and gratitude goes to Susan – you are an amazing person!

If you haven’t heard of Virtual Runner, go check it out.  So many worthwhile causes supported and so many nice medals.

If you haven’t heard about the amazing things Blue Skye Thinking are achieving in researching the treatments of childhood brain tumours, please pop over to their page.

Susan if you are reading this – thanks again xx


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