Dining out at Knife and Fork pop-up restaurant in Bicester

A year or so ago, Keith and I had our first experience of a “pop-up” restaurant at the Secret Supper Society in Somerton.  We had a wonderful evening and felt the food Jules lovingly prepared exquisite.   When I heard about Tanya’s pop up restaurant, Knife and Fork in Bicester, I knew I had to book us in.

If you have not come across a pop-up restaurant before, I will explain.  The concept is simple.  The chef opens up their home to diners to enjoy a set menu and their own wine/drinks.  As it is in the chef’s home, it is normally limited to a small number of diners and is intimate and informal.

When Keith finally managed to back the car onto the driveway without knocking the house down (operator error), we were greeted by Tanya’s husband John with a large umbrella.  A very welcome sight on an evening of torrential rain.  Although we were slightly early, we were not the first to arrive.  I am sure Tanya would have welcomed the extra 5 or 10 minutes, but she didn’t seem at all phased.  The spicy chicken with tomatillo salsa canapés were being professionally held by son Barney on a slate board.  They proved an appetising accompaniment to the welcoming glass of Prosecco and certainly left me excited to sample the remainder of the five (I counted seven) course tasting menu.

Knife and Fork Menu 24th July 2015

Two tables were laid in the conservatory ready for us to sit down.  There wasn’t seating plan, or individual tables for each separate party, which added to the atmosphere.  When we dined at the Secret Supper Society, we had a table for two and didn’t really have the opportunity to chat to the other guests.  Each option has it’s merits as far as I am concerned.

Although we were invited to keep our own drinks topped up, John and Barney were happy to top up our glasses at every opportunity.

I have to say, every course of food was delicious!  All the elements worked very well together.

food at Knife and fork in Bicester

Since giving up sugar in August last year, I have eaten a few cheese boards around the world.  I have to say, this is by far my favourite.  Although Barney made sure we knew the names of the cheeses, I was unable to remember them.  All I can tell you is they were amazing!

Cheese boardAt this point I was feeling a little full, with two courses remaining.  The sweet courses!  OK, I know I’ve just said I do not eat sugar.  99% of the time this is true.  I do believe you only live once.  As such, I have agreed with myself I am allowed the sweet courses on set menus.  It’s not very often I have them, so see them as the exception to the rule.

Oh my, I was very glad I had given myself permission.

Dessert at Knife and Fork

It was yummy!

The coffee was served with handmade marshmallows – as you can see I forgot to take a picture!

Handmade marshmallow

Tanya, John and Barney joined us for coffee and a chat, which was a lovely touch.

Please don’t just take my word for it, contact Knife and Fork and book yourself in.  I feel certain you will not find a better meal for £38 per head.

Some top tips:

Take cash – Tanya does not accept cheque or cards
Make sure you tell Tanya if you are allergic to or do not like certain foods
Take your own drinks – plenty of cold filtered water is provided
Don’t get frustrated when driving onto the driveway.  It is tight and requires patience
Go along with a view to meeting and chatting to new people




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