Guess my final mileage sweepstake to win two weeks hot tub hire.

With only one run left to do in June, I have reached the 300 mile mark today!

June milage

So it got me thinking…

Who would like to guess what my final mileage will be on 31st December 2015?

In all honesty, I don’t have a clue what it will be.  There are so many factors: injury, illness, finding my running mojo, my training plan, holidays.  I honestly cannot predict it.

Maybe you can?

My intention for running 500 miles this year was to raise £500 for Blue Skye Thinking.  Thanks to my amazing family friends and a few generous strangers, I have raised £583.33.  Could we reach £700?

I have decided to set up a sweepstake to predict my final mileage for 2015.  The closest entry to my actual mileage will win TWO WEEKS HOT TUB HIRE.  Here are the rules:

  1. Predict how many MILES you think I will achieve in 2015 to two decimal places
  2. Email your prediction to
  3. Donate £1 to
  4. Wait for the announcement on January 1st 2016

Simple hey!

To make this fair:

The email address will reply with an auto-responder message confirming your entry.  The emails will not be viewed until 1st January 2016, when they will be collated and the matched to my final total.

I will refrain from updating my mileage on my blog or social media and will not tell anyone how I am getting on between now and when I make the announcement.

The last day you can enter is 11:59pm on 30th December 2015.  Entires received after this time will not be counted and your donation cannot be refunded.

The hot tub can be hired during any two weeks in 2016, subject to availability.  We are a small company, based in Oxfordshire.  It is not possible for to deliver the hot tub to Scotland or any of the islands surrounding mainland UK.  I hope you can understand this limitation.  We cannot offer any cash alternative.

Like with any luxury hot tub, our hot tubs will need to fit into your garden.  For details on these requirements, please see The Hot Tub Studio

If you have any questions, please email me

Good luck and thank you!

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