Day out at Legoland

For Keith and Little J, this trip was their first day out at Legoland.  When Z was younger, we had season tickets and went at every opportunity.  I had it all planned.  Get there as early as possible, walk as quickly as we can to the bottom right hand corner (The Knights Kingdom) and make our way around from there.  I did contemplate paying the extra for their fast-track scheme known as Q-Bot, but with prices starting at £15 per person, I thought we would chance it.  After all, the entrance fee isn’t cheap either.  I found a special offer on Facebook, which gave the four of us entry for £120 (plus £5 parking).

The knights castle at LegolandMy plan sort of worked… the queue for The Dragon was only around 10 minutes, but those 10 minutes gave me enough time to realise Little J may not enjoy the experience much.  My Little scaredy cat has recently taken a dislike to heights, going fast and anything remotely “scary”.  Against my better judgement, I convinced myself he would love it as soon as it started….

BIG mistake.  He clung to me with white knuckles the whole away around and kept telling me how much he wanted to get off.  As you can see, he was less than impressed when we got off and was then determined not to go on another ride or trust me in any way.  Not a great start.

I was then wracking my brains trying to remember the rides he might enjoy.  The Viking River Splash maybe? – after he saw people coming off wet, not even worth trying.  The big wheel?  Would not even entertain the idea.  I was beginning to think I had ruined the day.

We decided we were in need of a cup of tea, so headed over to what used to be the pirate corner of Legoland – now transformed into a much pinker affair.  Under my recommendation, we settled at the show area expecting to see the much loved pirate adventures – instead it was a Princess screech fest, only tolerable for a couple of minutes.  I’m sure I would have endured it if I had a little girl, but on this occasion, I could quite happily walk away without any protest from the men in my life.

Determined to get Little J back on a ride, we walked around to the safari jeeps.  Now it was time for Z to protest – you just can’t win!

Safari Jeeps at Legoland

Yes, we’re rolling!

Filled with new confidence, we made a bee line for the driving school.  The queue was around 45 minutes, during which I had a pine cone thrown at my face and scratch my sunglasses – now is the time I wished we had brought the Q-Bot.

Little J attentively listened to the driving instruction….

Driving School Tuition

….and eagerly awaited his chance to make a run for it to the red car.

red car

Even though Little J sees me driving more than his father, he definitely takes after Keith behind the wheel – tailgating, causing crashes and upsetting the ladies!


The crash

Not wanting to rock the renewed confidence, we headed towards Duplo land.  This is when I wished I had read the website before setting out.  Duploland is now more splashland.  To avoid disappointment, I recommend taking a swimsuit and towel – or remortgage and buy a lego one from the conveniently placed shop right beside the splash zone!

Luckily I was saved by the very enticing playground.

IMG_7612 IMG_7613 IMG_7615 IMG_7616It took a while to convince Little J to carry on around Legoland and even more persuasion to get him to go on the Fairytale ride.

Fairytale ride

We were now into the very tired zone, so decided to head back to the Viking area to feed the boys before heading home.  I always remember the food being reasonably priced, hence why I insisted on not making a picnic… times have changed unfortunately.

All in all, I didn’t feel Legoland was as value for money as it used to be.  Whether it was because Little J was scared stiff all day, or whether it was because Legoland has gone down hill since 2006, I don’t know.  I won’t be rushing back in a hurry though.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a good day.  The model village is still amazing.  It is still worth visiting, but it is pricy!

tired boys



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

7 thoughts on “Day out at Legoland

  1. It’s a shame that Legoland wasn’t as good as you remembered it to be, it must’ve been a shock to see it had changed so much since you last went. Poor Little J getting scared on the first ride, I’m sure in a couple of years time he’d be up for all the fun that Legoland has to offer. It’s great that he enjoyed the driving ride though. What a sweet photo of the two boys asleep at the end of the day too. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


  2. Monkey wouldn’t even go on the Driving School thing, but we love the rest of it there, never even ventured into the main ride area to be honest, except for Atlantis and the Rapids ride. They are all so different aren’t they.


  3. We went a few weeks ago for the first time. We enjoyed it, but the food was a disaster (snack/ice cream places closed, cafes with no food), and it was packed because it turned out to be an inset day that Legoland hasn’t known about. I’m of the same view – it is such an expensive day out, given that you spend time queueing and walking so less able to get on lots of rides.

    I found you via Mary over at Over40anda mum to one – another Oxfordshire blogger.


    1. Lovely to meet you Emma, thank you for visiting. It sounds like you had a more stressful time than me. I will definitely use Tesco vouchers next time I go and take a packed lunch. It used to be very different when my older two were younger. Food was reasonable and it seemed much better value. Shame really 😦


  4. We love Legoland but it is a very expensive weekend, we stay overnight. I do think it’s terrible that they now have an option to pay to jump queues. My friend calls it 1st and 2nd class options. I’m glad the cars were a hit, my little boy can’t go on them and I really think he would love it x


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