Experiencing Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

From the moment I secured a table for dinner at Le Manoir I couldn’t wait to go.  Having grown up in Oxfordshire, it is the one restaurant everyone aspires to go to.  Would it live up to my high expectations of it?

The events on the build up to our big night out, were increasingly upsetting and stressful, but both Keith and I were determined to forget about it all for one night and revel in feeling posh!

We arrived an hour before our booking so we could enjoy the summer evening (and a drink) in the garden.  I was quite glad I was not shown the price of a glass of champagne before I drank three glasses of it – it wouldn’t have tasted the same!

Drink in Le Manoir Garden

As we were relaxing and people watching in the garden we were presented with the menus.  Some how we had to decide whether we wanted the five course tasting menu, the seven course tasting menu or chose from the a’la carte menu.  It was Keith’s treat, so I allowed him to chose the five courses.  The large bowl of nuts and olives we devoured were complimentary – nice touch.

Tasting menu

Not being a great fan of mixing my drinks, Keith chose a bottle of Meursault instead of the wine menu to match the courses – it was beautiful!

wine list

It wasn’t long after choosing the menu before we were seated in the restaurant.  We were in a small room with four other tables.  It was spacious yet homely with a lovely atmosphere.

dinner plates

Our waiter came around to offer us a choice of bread roll.  The choices were amazing!  Keith chose beer with walnut and a bacon roll.  Trying to be good, I chose buckwheat.

bread roll

When the first course was laid in front of me, I began to wonder how on earth I would manage another four courses, they were starter size!

first course

As were all the others!

IMG_7813 more food

By the time dessert was served, I honestly thought I would have to be rolled out.  I haven’t eaten a dessert since August 2014.  In fact, I’ve hardly had any sugar at all since then, but I was determined to eat everything.

It was when they were placed in front of us I remembered what I had said at the time of booking…

birthday message

Such a lovely birthday message and finishing touch for Keith.

I was glad I was a little merry when it came to paying the bill – it was quite steep.

Was it worth it?  For a one off for a very special occasion, yes.  If I was a millionaire, I would eat there a couple of times a year.  If I was a multi-millionaire, it would be my regular.

In all honesty, the five course tasting menu is quite good value in comparison to other fine dining restaurants we have eaten in.  The drinks are not worth the money.  Yes the wine was lovely, but it could have been a £50 bottle and tasted as good.  A bottle of water shouldn’t be £5 either.

We did have a lovely evening and the service was exceptional – well done Le Manoir!

time at le manoir

2 thoughts on “Experiencing Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

  1. It does look wonderful as do those plates – quite eye catching. I agree, as a special occasion it would be a memorable experience but I’d find it hard to justify the prices normally. A nice finishing touch too, how do you live without desserts!!! I couldn’t do it.


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