Magical family holiday at Coombe Mill, Cornwall – Staying on the Farm

Whether it is just me getting old or work (and running) has taken over my life, but leisure time is becoming more precious to me – holidays even more so.  I think it’s why I was so excited about our holiday to Coombe Mill.  Keith went to Russia for a friends wedding a few days before our departure, so it was left to me to pack the car.  Packed it was with very little space for Keith’s suitcase on our return journey!

Car Packed for Coombe Mill

I didn’t forget anything 🙂

The four and a half hour journey was liberating.  No one was sick.  There were not any tears.  We didn’t crash.  In fact thanks to the newly downloaded Frozen, it was pleasant.

Our lodge, Eden was a welcome sight as we turned into the car park.  Our home from home for a week.


It has a little private garden out the front with a spacious terrace.  Inside the rooms are well equipped, spacious and comfortable.  There is so much to see and do at Coombe Mill.  The owners, Fiona & Nick put their all into making Coombe Mill magical.  I hope I am able to show you some of the magic.

My youngest children are 15 & 3 years old.  Quite a challenge to find somewhere they both want to go.  Coombe Mill is one of those places.

Farmer J  Z

In all honesty, I was dreading the first bedtime.  I knew everyone would be tired.  I knew the boys would be missing home and Little J is challenging at bedtime in normal circumstances.  They were brilliant.  I honestly think it is partly down to how comfortable and homely the lodge was and partly because I felt so relaxed.  I’ve been following and chatting to Fiona on social media for over a year.  I’ve always thought blogging is like exposing yourself with your clothes on.  Because of this, I feel like I know Fiona and could call on her if I had a problem.

Wellies at the ready, I couldn’t wait for a week of outdoor fun.

Even though the clocks went forward an hour, we were up and ready for the feed run at 9am.  The daily feed run begins with the tractor ride across the stream to the animals.

tractor ride

The children love it – even when the slightly mad Farmer Ted is behind the wheel!

Farmer Nick, Ted & Amber are keen to educate the children on why they feed the animals certain foods or why the animals behave in a certain way.  I find it fascinating.  Feed time is interactive as well as educational.  From learning which left over food you can collect up to give to the pigs…

Feeding the pigs

To collecting the eggs from the chicken and ducks

feeding the chickens

You can’t help to be amazed by the variety of loved animals on the farm.

animals around coombe mill

Coombe Mill is a working farm and as such, you are not hidden from the downside of caring for farm animals.

sad farm life

Luckily there were not any fatalities while we were on the farm this time.  The sheep above was rushed to the vets as she was poorly after giving birth.  Thankfully she pulled through and by the next feed run, she was looking much better.  The white duck (I think Farmer Nick named her Fiona) was introduced to the other ducks, in the hope she would find some friends.  Unfortunately the male ducks ran away from her.

A few weeks before we arrived Rocky the goat was born and rejected by his mother Ginger.  Farmer Nick, Fiona and the children adopted Rocky – who now thinks he is more human than goat.  Last year when we were on the farm, Ginger killed one of her kids.  Ginger is now in the “Sin Bin” and Rocky is fit and well.

Rocky the goat

Whatever the weather, you will not be lost for things to do on Coombe Mill Farm.  On one of the days without Keith, my best friend came over (she lives in Devon) and we had a wonderful day exploring.  Fiona has planned out a nature trail, which was a big hit with Little J and Iz.  We ended up at the Den Zone, toasting ‘marshmallows’ (aka leaves) on the campfire.  Children’s imaginations are free to roam and learn.  I cannot stress enough how magical Coombe Mill is.

Den building zone

On dry days, the train runs at 5pm.  Nick and Fiona’s son Guy takes charge of driving the train.

Coombe Train

The children adore it.

Before the train ride on Friday afternoon, Fiona hosts a Activity Hour.

activity hour

As it was Good Friday while we were staying, Easter bonnets and egg races were planned and executed very successfully.

We had a lovely time on the farm.  I hope I’ve managed to show you some of the magic at Coombe Mill.  I will let you know my favourite places to visit whilst staying on the farm in a future blog post.

Oh and we’ve already booked up for 2016!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

10 thoughts on “Magical family holiday at Coombe Mill, Cornwall – Staying on the Farm

  1. Thank you for such a post of your holiday here with us. It was a lovely week and everyone seemed to gel so well. I’m so pleased you felt relaxed here right from the start and that you felt you could call on me at any time, which of course you could! It was a pleasure to have you and see Little J loving everything here. Thank you for linking up and sharing on Country Kids


  2. Glad you had such a lovely time, it is such a fab place with a lovely family running it. I have never met Farmer Ted mind that sounded like such fun with him driving.


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