Running uphill to 40 – part 7

I’m back running on the road.  My first road run after my meltdown was a short run from our holiday lodge at Coombe Mill in Cornwall.  The farm is situated at the bottom of a cornish valley.  The only way out of the farm is up a hill – a steep hill – 20% incline to be precise and I smashed it.  4.5km up and down steep hills and my knee held out.  My reluctance to run on the road again, shattered.  And my fear of running up a hill gone!

the hill Speed and elevation Coombe Mill Hill time splits

I don’t think these pictures illustrate just how steep the hills were.

When I returned back 30+ minutes after leaving, my husband and son looked visibly shocked and didn’t believe me that I had run the same course I made them drive earlier in the day! (You may have noticed the Fastest Run badge in the photo above!) #ThisGirlCan

A cold stopped me from attempting the longer run while on holiday.  Back home I’ve decided to try and do most of my runs on the road.  With the Blenheim 7km race coming up and the weather warming up, I need to learn how to cope with heat.  I need to tackle more hills.  I need to learn what interval training is!

My 500km challenge is 50% complete.  So I’ve decided to raise the bar to 500 miles in 2015.  Mad I know – but it might encourage more people to dip their hand in their pocket and donate their loose change to Blue Skye Thinking.

My knee still hurts, but I now know that it’s in my control.  If I do my strengthening exercises, if I do the stretches after, the knee pain will decrease and eventually go away.

My 500m challenge


4 thoughts on “Running uphill to 40 – part 7

  1. Amazing!! Well done you, absolutely brilliant and very inspiring to little old me 😊 Thanks for linking up with #BloggingToJogging xx


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