Running uphill to 40 – Small steps

Following on from my rather depressing blog post yesterday, I had to share my triumph!

I approached my treadmill this morning in trepidation with aching legs, glutes and calves.  Would I even manage the 5km distance I’ve been able to so far?

I was focused on trying to maintain my posture throughout the run.  One of the balance exercises James Dunne concentrates on in the second week of the 30 Day Kinetic Challenge challenges your core to keep your tail bone tucked under, I thought I would try and apply this to my run.  I turned the speed down to 8.5km/hour and put The World’s Toughest Jobs on my iPad.

I ran for 40 minutes (6km) and for the first time in a few weeks, it wasn’t pain in my knee which brought the run to an end.  I’m not saying it was completely pain free, but considerably less.

I got off the treadmill, stretched and did today’s exercises.  OK I am struggling to walk up the stairs and crouching down is quite a challenge, but for the first time ever, I am embracing the muscle pain, as I know it is making me stronger and in turn will help me to run.

Tomorrow I have a physio MOT followed by my third sports massage.  Fingers crossed yesterday’s tears were the “rock bottom” moment and my strength will continue to increase.

Next week, I will not have the comfort of my treadmill.  I will be back running on the road… not just any roads though.  I will be in Cornwall on holiday.  I will face my fear of the road – I will get out there at least twice and I will reach the half way mark of my challenge!


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