Running uphill to 40 – the part where I cry!

The past three weeks have been incredibly frustrating.  Every time I run, pain in my knee/knees stops me after 30-35 minutes!  Being a plodder, it means, at most, I’m managing 5km a run!

The last straw was my attempt to run from home into the office.  It’s only around 8km, so bearing in mind I had managed 11.5km the week before, I thought it was going to be fine.  I was slightly hungover, the sun was out and the temperature was 10c.  According to my Garmin, I achieved my fastest 5km, fastest 1km and fastest mile – but failed to reach the office without stopping.  My left knee was too painful to continue at the 7km point.  I felt hot, dehydrated and sad….

New trainersThe sadness hasn’t yet been overcome.  Even with brand new trainers, insoles and exercises from my gait analysis, my knee is still painful.

I’ve aded sports massage, foam rollering and James’s Kinetic Revolution 30 day challenge to my list of things to do to make my knee better, but at the moment my confidence is in pieces and I feel like crying!

Why won’t my body allow me to run.  Everyone can run!  I see all shapes and sizes of people running, why is my body stopping me?

Andrew Hall (Skye’s daddy) completed the Reading Half Marathon on Sunday.  Such a massive achievement.  One day I hope to join him.  He is very sporty – well I assume he is being director of sport at Abingdon School.

He hasn’t been lazy like me and done the bare minimum all his life.  I can’t really expect my body to be strong when I haven’t looked after it.  I won’t let Skye down.  I will raise £500 for his charity.  I will work hard to make my body strong enough to run.  I hope I feel better and stronger before my first physical race – Blenheim 7km in May.

Lisa, who does my sports massage can see my frustration.  She is working really hard with my body to try and release the muscles which are causing my knee to be painful.  It is very nice to have the support from someone who can help.  Thank you Lisa.

Although I feel like crying right now, I will pick myself back up.  I will continue with the exercises – which I have to say are pretty tough.  I will continue to see Lisa for a 30 minute torture session (otherwise known as sports massage)  and I will continue to run until my knee is painful – after all, anything is better than sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

“Make the most of what you’ve got!”  Skye Hall (aged 5)

3 thoughts on “Running uphill to 40 – the part where I cry!

  1. Aw, having sore knees sucks. I’ve been struggling with patellafemoral syndrome off and on. I’m pretty young, and the thought that it’s only going to get worse as I age freaks me out. I’m told I can strengthen my knees. I hope it works.

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