Running up hill to 40 – part 6

Another month has past and I’m now into my 3rd month of my running challenge.  I’ve had to change my running strategy.  My hips and knees are not thanking me for trying to complete two long runs and one smaller run a week.  Until my hips strengthen and I’ve had my appointment with the gait specialist, I have decided to aim for one hilly run, one faster run and one long run a week.  The stupid thing is, I feel like I’m failing my challenge.  If I don’t run for a bit longer, a bit quicker or further each time, I feel like I’m not progressing…

My new running machine (NordicTrack c3000) is fab!  It’s huge and took some putting together, but it’s fab!  John Lewis deserve a mention.  I know you can sometimes pay a little more in John Lewis, but when something goes wrong, they work really hard to put it right.  My husband spent a long time putting the running machine together.  When he was adding the last piece, he had to lift the running treadmill up and noticed the undertray was cracked.  I rang John Lewis in Milton Keynes straight away (16:00 on a Sunday afternoon) and they emailed NordicTrack straight away, followed up the next day and a couple of days later to ensure I had been contacted – Bravo John Lewis!

Back to the running!

My Granddad received his medal for the British Heart Foundation virtual race.

My hero

You may remember from my last post, I asked Virtual Runner to send it straight to him.  He fights for every heartbeat and deserves it much more than I do.  I hope it made him smile 🙂

So I need to find a way to run through the knee pain and work out which muscles I seem to aggravate.  How on earth do you stretch our the front and side of your hips?  How on earth do I pull that muscle every time?  Fingers crossed the gait analysis helps.

running clothesMy running clothes came back from Chilli Promotional Products today.  They are brilliant, I love them!  I’m sure they will help with any lack of motivation.  I am also hoping they will spur people on to donate.  Even £2 can make such a difference.  I’ve only raised £150 for Blue Skye Thinking.  I was hoping I would be much closer to my £500 target.  Andrew and Sally would like to appoint a research student in September, dedicated to researching the treatments of brain tumours in children.  Without the whole money being in place by May, they will not be able to appoint one – another whole year without a step forward towards saving precious lives!

Gosh this blog post is very downbeat…. sorry!  I think I need to manage a good run tomorrow to pick me up tomorrow and spur me on.  I’ll leave you with February’s progress…

February's running progress

Thanks for reading and if you know of any tips for hip strengthening, stretching or knee pain, please leave a comment.

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