Running uphill to 40 – part 5

I submitted my first virtual running race time/distance today – I still can quite believe it!  I won’t see the medal for a while, as I have asked for it to go directly to my grandfather.  You see, this race was raising money for British Heart Foundation.  My grandfather came very close to losing his life last year from heart disease (and a operation to remove his bowel cancer), but he’s strong!  He’s so strong!  He deserves this medal much more than I do!

I wonder what he will think when it arrives in the post….

This week has been quite eventful on the running news front.  On Tuesday my faithful running machine retired.  The belt became irreparable – I had a little trip – so decided to pack it up.  This was not after running my longest distance so far of just over 9km!

The lovely new shining machine didn’t arrive until Friday afternoon – in a million pieces.  I mean come on – I just want to run.  The instructions looked like you needed a degree in engineering to put it together, so I decided to wait until my husband (who has a degree in engineering) could help.

Saturday morning I woke up, with a cracking headache, having only an hours sleep, threw my running kit on and grabbed the opportunity to run before my husband had to leave for work.  The fog scared me if I’m honest and on returning to the news of a 40 car pile up on the motorway close to my house, my fear was probably warranted.  I smashed it though…. fastest 1km, fastest 1 mile, fastest 5km – THIS GIRL CAN….

…but she forgot to stretch when she returned to the house – ouch – even more ouch was running the 5km with my friend Esther this morning to send off our evidence to Virtual Runner – my legs are screaming!

My running machine is up, looking incredibly beautiful, with more functions than I will probably ever use.  I’m a little worried about it living in the garage – will it really hurt it?

I’m hoping my legs will feel better in the morning so I can give her a quick go.  There is a queue of people lining up to try her out and I want to be first!  I know I’m such a child 🙂

Finally a quick progress update:

Screenshot 2015-02-15 20.56.41

Halfway through Feb and I’m smashed March’s distance!

Don’t forget, if you can spare £1, please text LBSK78 £1 (or your donation amount) to 70070 – Thank you!  Andrew, Sally and Jesse are traveling up to Scotland this half-term to visit children’s cancer wards to drum up more support for the Loom to the Moon mission.  Such a brave family!

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