Running Uphill to 40 – part…. I must be getting old as I can’t remember!

I have been tempted to update you on my running progress on the blog throughout the month, but decided to spare you all the boredom!  Progress is definitely the word for January!

running summery
1st run of 2015

January 1st saw my first run of the year – I managed 30 minutes without stopping – woohoo!  My goodness was I pleased – no where near the 5km mark though – which made me feel very disappointed at the time – but such an achievement for someone who hated every second until the last.

The cold weather conditions have meant most of my runs have taken place on my father’s running machine.  At well over 10 years old, the faithful old girl needs a little TLC, but I can run when the roads are lethal outside – such a blessing!  In fact, since the running machine has taken up home in the garage, it has had a fair few users.  I think the dramatic reduction in my thighs has spurred my son, daughter and step-daughter to start running.  As you can imagine, the poor old girl has needed a few repairs already!

One morning I ventured out into the arctic garage to find the running belt split halfway open.  Of course none admitted to damaging it.  I tried to fix it with my trusty superglue, just so I could run, but with my Raynaud’s condition stopping the circulation in my hands, I found I was glueing them to the belt, rather than the belt back together.

I think it was at this point I realised how much I have grown to rely on running.

I’m actually starting to enjoy it.  The satisfaction of completing the run.  The calories I must have burnt.  Most of all, the fact I’ve got out of the diabetes danger zone!

When I’m finding it hard, I think of Skye Hall.  I think of all he suffered with a smile on his face.  I think of making the most of what I’ve been given.

Final run for January 2015
Final run for January 2015

My last run of January was one of my hardest.  On the treadmill, watching Call the Midwife, I couldn’t seem to pick my speed up.  At times I felt like I was running backwards.  I found I had to slow down 😦

OK I ran for 52 minutes without stopping.  I completed the furthest distance to date.  But it felt so slow!

I decided I would try a different tactic for my next run…. but seeing as it took place in February, you’ll have to wait to find out what it is and whether it worked!

If you are still awake, you may be wondering how many miles I achieved in January.  Drum roll please……

I covered 73km (45.5 miles) – for me, it’s pretty amazing!  I’m running every run now without stopping.  I’ve ditched the c10k app in favour of adding an extra minute onto each run.  I find walking and unnecessary interruption now.  I’m well on my way to achieving 500km in 2015 – in fact I am secretly hoping I will reach 500 miles instead!

Lisa's 500 in 2015 progress
Lisa’s 500 in 2015 progress

Another exciting announcement is I now have a number to text a donation to.  It’s quick, easy and your £2, £3, £4 donation would make such a difference to Blue Skye Thinking and research into brain tumours.  Please if you can spare £1, please text LBST78 £1 (or your donation amount) to 70070 – Thank you!  (if you would prefer to donate on JustGiving my link is here)

Before I go, I thought I would announce the races I have entered so far:

Virtual Runner 5k for British Heart Foundation – Feb 2015
Run Mummy Run 5k for Mothers for Mothers & Pandas – March 2015
Virtual Runner 5k for Midlands Woman’s Aid – Easter 2015
Blenheim 7k for Blue Skye Thinking – May 17th 2015
Stowe 10k for Blue Skye Thinking – July 12th 2015
Virtual Runner 10k for ? – August 2015

I still have to pinch myself.  I am not a runner, or at least I don’t feel like a runner.  I’m doing this for you Skye – “make the most of what you’ve got!”

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