Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm & Eco Centre

The girls and I have been planning on paying Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm a visit for a while – this was our first opportunity!  The rare breeds farm is not fully open until the Spring, so they offer free entry to their Messy Barn.  This is a big bonus right now with the Christmas bills to pay.  The farm is located in what feels like the middle of nowhere – in fact it is only about 20 minutes from my house, which gives it another big tick as far as I’m concerned.

First impressions were great.  It has a large car park and the buildings look smart and eco friendly.

Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm
Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm

We managed to pick the windiest day ever to visit, so couldn’t stand chatting in the car park for too long.  The signs to the Messy Barn to find shelter were easy to follow.  It wasn’t long before the little ones were running around exploring all the different play options.

They could chose from the ball pit

Ball Pit
Ball Pit

Soft Play

Soft Play
Soft Play

Sand Pits

Sand Pits
Sand Pits
What's in here?
What’s in here?

Or dinosaur excavation!


Which happened to be Little J’s favourite thing in the Messy Barn.

Oh and I missed the mini bike area.

Intermingled between the activities were lots of opportunities to learn about the world around us and how to take care of it.

It has definitely been well thought out.

I have to say though, the barn was very cold.  I would suggest wearing something warm and making sure you are wearing thick socks!

Lunch in the cafe is always something our little ones look forward to when we meet up.  I often feel sorry for anyone else trying to have a peaceful lunch when we are around, because it’s never quiet!  The food was reasonably priced, well presented and tasty.  There are hot and cold food options for children.

Leaving a whirlwind of plates and cups behind us, we ventured into the gales to see what animals had already arrived on the farm.

Noisy Turkeys

The little ones could hear the Turkeys from across the car park and ran straight to them.  It’s a shame I can’t upload the video of them, it was hilarious!

Fluffy Chickens
Fluffy Chickens

The fluffy chickens were also pleased to see us.

We all fell in love with Tom, Dick and Harry the goats!

the goats
Tom, Dick & Harry

Tom and Dick have beautiful soft looking ears and Harry is much smaller than his friends!

The wind was so strong, we didn’t manage to stay outside for too long before venturing back inside.

We did manage to take a quick look at the other barns being erected.

Green dragon pond
Pond under construction

A large pond in front of the picnic area….

Playground at Green Dragon
Playground under construction

and the outdoor climbing frames.  We all agreed it looked like a brilliant place to return to, whether it be fully opened or not.  The little ones loved their time together playing.

The pricing looks as though it is going to be reasonable to. £5.50 for an adult & £4.50 for children and OAP’s – under 2’s are free.  I just hope they offer a range of season tickets.  This will be the closest farm to us, and as such, I know I will want to visit regularly.

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5 thoughts on “Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm & Eco Centre

  1. Looks like a great barn there, I love the long sand play areas. I’d love to have a barn like that here, one day! I’d say it looks like it is going to be great value and how handy to have it so close to home. Wonderful photo of the two little ones walking over. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.

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