Running uphill to 40 – part 3

Happy New Year!

I can honestly say at the beginning of 2014 I would never had thought I would have started running.  In fact 2014 was a year of unexpected turns in my outlook of life.  I’ve come to the conclusion, if I am going to make it to the New York marathon in 2018, I need to set myself some targets to get there.  So I’ve signed myself up to two virtual 5k races.  One in February for British Heart Foundation.  The other is in March for Run Mummy Run.

Run Mummy Run is full of supportive ladies of mixed running ability.  I have been in awe of the day to day achievements of some of these ladies.  They find running is stress relief – my goodness I hope I find some positives in it soon too.  Some of the ladies have set themselves the goal of running 2015 miles in 2015.  Amazing hey!  I thought about this target for a few seconds.  Then wondered if 2015km would be possible…. some ladies have chosen 1000 miles… 1000km… they must have been running for a lot longer than me.  How about 500km?  Yes that seems achievable.  An average of around 10km a week.  I can do that.

So I’ve set up my JustGiving page.  I decided there is no point in putting myself through this torture without raising money for a worthy cause.  So Skye Hall, you have my vote!

Meeting Skye was a big wake up call for me.  Such a brave, funny and kind young man, who believed anything was possible.  “Make the most of what you’ve got” said Skye.  I’ve got legs Skye, so I am going to run for you and your legacy.

Boy did I need the motivation when I hit the tarmac this morning.  My knees hurt, I could hardly breathe because of the winter lurgy.  It was dark and dismal and there was a hill – I hate hills!  My JustGiving page had already collected £100, so I couldn’t back out.

Armed with my new Garmin Forerunner 10, I went out. Five minute warm up, which of course ended at the foot of the hill, then 30 minutes of running.  Every one of those minutes were seriously hard.  I wanted to give up and walk.  The head winds were making it very difficult to catch my breath.  But I did it!

running proof
1st run of 2015

Not fast, not pretty, not far – but I’m now 4.33km closer to reaching my target.

I got back and checked out Blue Skye Thinking’s blog and come across a post from Sally on Christmas Day.  Puts everything into perspective.

I need to find out a way to stop my knee from hurting, because I am going to do this.  Any tips, please let me know.

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