Anything you can do, I can do better

There is nothing more irritating than someone who unashamedly copies what you are doing and goes out of their way to try and go longer, higher or quicker than you – and rubs it in your face!  I can handle people like this for a while.  But like an irritating fly, it doesn’t take long before I can’t stand them flying around me any longer.

I often wonder whether I am being too sensitive.  There does come a point where it becomes too obvious and you begin to wonder why.

We all need a little competition in life.  I find I’m much more focused if I’m not alone in my journey.  I stick to a diet if someone else is losing weight with me.  It makes me try harder, as I would hate to gain weight when they lose.  If I decide to train with someone, I try and keep it up, because I would hate to let them down or hold them up.  I think this is healthy competition.

What isn’t healthy is the nasty “whatever you can do I can do better” type.  They don’t tend to accept your invitation, instead go it alone and plaster their great achievements on BragBook (Facebook). Oh and if you don’t “like” their bragging, they make sure they bring it up the next time you meet.

You may be thinking that I am jealous.  Far from it.  I’m happy to achieve things at a pace that suits me.  I know if I set myself achievable targets, I am more likely to succeed.  These little jabs from a so called friend, actually hurt my feelings.  It’s not easy to put your heart and pride on the line and commit to a goal.  When my small achievements are made to look crap, I do feel like a failure and contemplate giving up – good job I’m strong minded.

I will reach my goals and carry a fly swat around with me.

I saw this on a running group today.  Very timely.

ten commandments for the runner
Ten Commandments for the Runner

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