Running uphill to 40 – part 2

It’s been just over two weeks since I publicly declared my marathon challenge.  Since then I’ve turned 36… 36 years old.  It was only in the week running up to my birthday I remembered how scared I was of this age.  I remember vividly when I was in my late teens, observing a group of mummies and daddies.  They all seemed to be set in their ways, do nothing outside of the house  and they seemed to have lost their identity.  It terrified me!

The things is, I’ve never felt more in control of my life.

Through following Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” plan, I’m not as anxious about what is going into my mouth.  I stay away from anything that might potentially have sugar in, but that is so much easier than trying to secretly find the item on the menu with the least calories.  It is freedom!

Running is helping too.  I cannot believe I just said that – but it’s true.  I’m still not liking it much, but I am loving the benefits.  My thighs are shrinking and my skinny jeans do not make me feel like I’ve been vacuum packed.

I had a break through this week.  The C25K app gives you a distance or a time.  To reach the distance in the time, you need to be running at about 6 miles an hour.  I was struggling at 4.7 miles an hour.  I felt weak, deflated and ready to give up after only a few minutes.  Then I thought, SLOW DOWN.  I know I can walk faster than 4.3 mph, but I’m now completing the time challenge – which stands at 28 minutes – and I know, as I get fitter, I will speed up.

I should also mention I’ve been taking my mac into the garage with me and watching desperate housewives while running.  I can enjoy a whole episode in peace and quiet.

Two mental breakthroughs in two weeks – can’t be bad really – I’ll be ready to run in public in no time 🙂

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