Relaxing and water play – not often heard together

When you think of water play and a three year old, the last word that springs to mind is relaxing.  Yet I have found a way to combine the two.  Not only have a found a way to be able to describe water play as relaxing, but I can add “family time” “playing in the garden in the winter” and “cool down after my run” to the list.

My hot tub – my corner of fun, relaxation and an amazing place to make long lasting memories.

Sunday morning hot tub
Little J

Sunday mornings are fairly peaceful in our house – the teenagers (if they’re not working) like to have a bit of a lay in.  I have started a habit of getting my run out of the way before anyone else is up.  This week I decided to encourage Little J to join me in the hot tub afterwards – he doesn’t take much persuasion.   He was so excited, he forgot to pick up his bath toys!   Do I get out of the lovely warm water and retrieve the bath toys to save my sanity or do I stay in the warm water and see if I can come up with a distraction?

I opted for the latter and had the best 20 minutes in the hot tub ever!

We played trip trap over the mummy and daddy bridge without it collapsing.

mummy and daddy bridge
mummy and daddy bridge

Sea Creature Snap, which consisted of us choosing one of three sea creatures – a crab, octopus or shark – and seeing if anyone else chose the same.

Swimming between Mummy and Daddy.  Of course this included little J seeing how hard he could kick his legs and thus create a tidal wave in our faces.

Coloured drinks holders
What colour will be next?

Which colour will the drinks holders be next?

Waterfall fun
Waterfall fun

And a firm favourite, waterfall chill out.

As you can probably imagine, taking photos in the hot tub without a waterproof camera was quite tricky, but well worth the effort to capturing some wonderful memories of our precious family time together.

Hot tub family time
Hot tub family time

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

4 thoughts on “Relaxing and water play – not often heard together

  1. This looks like a great little family time together, little J really enjoyed his time in the hot tub with you two. I love the games you came up, you’ve always got to be creative when you’ve got kids around haven’t you? Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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